Production And Distribution of Electricity And Its Importance

Production And Distribution of Electricity And Its ImportanceIn order to collect and create energy, there are multiple methods in our world. This energy has been harvested by many companies in the electricity that helps in providing internet access to you, street lights, heating and cooling of your home and even helps you to make purchases without the use of direct money. As we all know that electricity has become one of the most important part of our modern life, but what is the origin of electricity and how it is harvested for us by the electric companies for use. We don’t appreciate electricity and we often take it for granted, but the production of electricity from the source and its distribution in our home is not as easy as we think.

Fossil Fuels: For the creation of electricity and its motion, the very first method is fossil fuels such as oil and coal. For centuries coal has served as a main source for power trains and factories and heat our homes. Oil, nuclear power, gasoline and coal are burned in order to produce a steam turbine that will spin an electric generator. As over the past few decades fossil fuels have produced disease causing noxious emissions, hence they made a bad reputation in the world.

Renewable Energy: Renewable energy sources also known as green energy sources like solar energy, hydroelectric dam and wind energy are the energy that is produced from nature and unlike coal and other fossil fuels, these are eco-friendly and don’t pollute the environment. These renewable energy sources don’t require mining and drilling like fossil fuels, can be easily harvested and are not limited in supply. There is no risk of air or water pollution in the energy produced from water, wind or sun and are safe for the environment. The method of getting the fossil fuels is dangerous for the employees as they have to cave in, this is not the case in producing green energy.

Waste-to-Energy: According to the environmentalists, Waste-to-Energy can be a good way of using the waste produced every day in this world. By some of the environmentalists, it is considered as a renewable energy source. It produces electricity by burning the waste that is produced by the people everyday. While there are some environmentalists who say that the production of carbon dioxide is in a large amount by the burning process and this is harmful for the environment, but these wastes when left over for several years in a landfill will eventually convert into carbon dioxide over a period of time. Hence, this is the reason the debate of whether this source of energy is renewable or not is still going on.

The electricity produced through various methods by the electric companies is then taken to transmission substation from the generator. In order to make the electricity to travel long distances, the power is converted into the voltage by transformers. After this the electric charge is sent to the distribution grid from the transmission grid through wires and then to distribution substations. In order to make the use of electricity possible in homes and businesses, the voltage of the electricity is lowered at the distribution substation. This electricity is then transferred to power lines via distribution bus. With the help of power lines the electricity is distributed in the individual houses and in this way our life is made enjoyable. All major companies that compare electricity rates are responsible for making our life comfortable full of happiness.

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